Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thrift Store Lamps

You know how you’re always searching for that secret thrift store which is brimming full of $1 treasures? Well I found it a few months ago and almost every visit proves fruitful.

My very first find was this lamp which I pieced together from what they had. The shade (very cool, don’t you think?) was $1 and the base (there was a matching one but it was chipped) was $4. I did have to get a new lamp harp and some other findings, but the total cost was well under $10.

Rachel and I went there another time and she found an awesome little oil and vinegar set for her mum and I found another super lamp! It needed rewiring, but for a $3 lamp, can one really complain? The supplies for the wiring cost $12 (I got ripped off), so it’s a $15 lamp. I’m going to post a tutorial on re-wiring very soon (as soon as I find another gem!).

They also have a few flip clocks which I have my eye on. So...what are you fave thrifting finds?

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