Monday, April 4, 2011

DIY Bridal Bouquet!

When I got married, I drooled over the fabulous bouquets in magazines, but was horrified to learn of the high cost. We had our reception at a (much) later date so I definitely didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on flowers that were only going to be used for an hour or so.

So I decided to DIY my wedding flowers!

Here is my DIY bridal bouquet! It's a mix of Cymbidium orchids, Carnations (!!!), and Hyacinths. I LOVE Peonys but they were out of season when I got married and we were on a strict budget. I was able to create a similar ruffly look using supermarket flowers! Total cost of the bouquet was under $25!

Bear in mind that I had NO experience with flower arranging whatsoever. This is a totally do-able DIY.

The hardest part of the project was wiring my orchids. I bought a stem of orchids (just one - $8) and separated each bloom by snipping it off where it met the stem. I then took some floral wire and stuck it through the stem at the base of the bloom, folded it over onto itself and gave it a little twist. I then took my trusty floral tape ($2 at Michael's) and wrapped it all neatly. Each one took a couple of minutes.

I don't have pics of the next part, but I stripped the greenery off the other flowers and then built the bouquet. I started at the centre of the bouquet with  3 stems - one of each and then added blooms in a spiral fashion. What I learned it the higher you hold the bunch, the smaller the finished bouquet will be. I redid it a couple of times until I was happy with it, secured it with rubber bands, trimmed the stems off neatly and put it in a glass of water in the fridge until our wedding the next day.

The next day (the big day), I took it out of the fridge and dried the stems off carefully using paper towels. I didn't want any water. I then took some wide ribbon and wrapped the stems, leaving a bit of exposed stem at the bottom. I secured it with pearl pins (just push them in!)

The groom had a single orchid as a boutonniere

It really was super easy! Plus I was able to create a high end looking bouquet for a pittance!


  1. I did the same thing for my wedding bouquet, and was equally shocked when it turned out to be stunning. Love the blog by the way--stumbled across it last week and am now hooked on Rook!

  2. Thanks Lesley! Great to see you here! I was surprised at how easy it is too! I'd love to see pics (can you post pics in comments?)

  3. Sadly, no pictures survived from our wedding (long and teary story) except for a few that friends emailed us, and none featured the bouquet.