Friday, April 15, 2011

Holly's play kitchen

Ever since I saw this kitchen on rambling renovators I knew what I wanted Holly to get for Christmas. So Santa got busy working on these plans from Ana White to create the perfect little kitchen:

 The entire project cost under 200, although I've seen people create them for way less. The costly items were in the details like hinges, Plexiglas for the stove and real knobs for the oven. We saved by buying the sink from the dollar store, tap and handles from the re-store, and using  tester quarts from Sherwin Williams (only 8 dollars per quart).

One question I had about play kitchens was the age range at which they can enjoy them the most. I have no concerns now because both my two year old girl and six year old boy are always into it brewing coffee and baking delicious cookies:
 I must admit though my favorite part was stocking the fridge! I even get a kick out of arranging the Melissa and Doug food and cooking with the Ikea felt food as well with my kids.
If you are considering building a play kitchen you should check out Ana White as well as more budget friendly versions out of old furniture at Ohdeedoh. This kitchen took a few nights after work for my husband to complete, most of the time involved waiting for coats of paint to dry. Every little bit of effort was worth it as my kids now have a special toy, and it still came in way cheaper than similar wood kitchens!


  1. Hi there! I am loving your take on this kitchen (which I came across on Pinterest)!! My husband and I built this kitchen for our 2 year old daughter and I have a couple of questions for you, if you don't mind answering (or if you even see this post!). We also purchased the real knobs for the stove. Did you find a way to attach yours where they can still turn? Also, we made the double-door fridge but aren't loving it as a fridge and are considering making a fridge like yours here with the top-bottom door arrangment (and using the double-door fridge as a pantry). Did you get plans for your fridge style from Ana White's site too? Or did you modify the double-door plans on your own? Thanks so much, and fantastic job!! I found this whole thing to be pretty challenging! :0)

  2. I just love the kitchen set and color. Did you build from scratch? Where did you get the material.

  3. well that looks like a real kitchen to me, and I love it.

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