Monday, April 11, 2011

Mini Director's Chairs Makeover

Yesterday was an unusually warm day for spring in Ontario. The whole neighborhood was a bustle with people in shorts and t-shirts biking, walking and gardening. All of the yardwork and deck-prepping reminded me of a project for my kids that unfortunately I didn't get to last year with all of the renovations; these adorable (but not well loved) director's chairs I found for five dollars at a yard sale:
Chairs Before
I decided these chairs needed to be freshened up, so I gave them a few coats of white spray paint and some new fabric. I chose a punchy outdoor fabric so that spills from my kids would just drip off and I could wash them easily. Luckily I had the former covers to use as a pattern for cutting the new fabric...

Chairs After

Chairs After

Close-up Chair After

What do you think? I love that my kids have their own stylish patio chairs and they also serve as great additional chairs for playdates because they are so lightweight and portable. It was also a great introductory makeover project to get me motivated. Now on to tackle the rest of the shed full of neglected garage sale items!