Thursday, April 7, 2011

My favorite online design magazines

I admit, I am a bit of a magazine addict. It is a good day for me when I discover one of my favorite magazines in my mailbox! I have been a long time subscriber to Style at Home and House and Home, two great Canadian magazines as well as Elle Decor; but recently I am finding more and more (free!) ways to get my magazine fix without the cost of subscription! Online magazines are a great resource for design inspiration; what is so wonderful about them is they seem to be a strong voice for bloggers; some of my favorites have stemmed from my favorite design blogs!
So grab a cup of coffee and let's start down the list! The first has been out for a while so many of you may be avid readers, but for those of you just discovering online magazines I must mention it! A great resource always! (Click on links below the images to start reading).

This next magazine is only on its second issue, but I am so happy to announce that it comes out TODAY! You can guarantee a good read when the editor is Paloma Contreras, author of the glamorous blog La Dolce Vita.
 Founding Editor of Rue Crystal Gentilello is also an author of a great blog; Plush Palate. Rue is a great resource for young hip design and has tons of input from lots of great bloggers:

These are two great reads I am addicted to; Australian magazines Adore Home and more recently Ivy and Piper. Wonderful colours and lots of light-filled photos:

For those of you craving some Canadian content; respected designer Kimberly Seldon has recently launched an online magazine filled with design inspiration, beautiful travel pictures and recipes I can't wait to try:

Well that's it (for now! I may need a "round 2" in a few months with so many new reads to discover). If you will excuse me, I have to get back to my coffee and magazines!