Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sneak Peak: Playroom Makeover

The playroom is almost finished; it is the one room in the house I have focused most of my energy on. I wanted the kids to have a cozy and cheerful space all their own, so we have been converting the tiny 7 by 8 foot office on the main floor to accommodate most of their toys. I couldn't give you the full tour until it was finished, but here are a few of the latest additions:
This cute little schoolhouse chalkboard has been sitting at my parent's house for a while; my Mom scored it while thrifting (she has such good luck!). Hopefully it will satisfy my toddler's craving to draw on the wall...
Another small detail, I painted these shelves yesterday in my new favorite colour chartreuse. Who doesn't love open shelving in a kitchen? (More pictures of my daughter's play kitchen to come!).
So that's about it for now, a few touch ups on the wall here and there and it will be finished. Hope you guys are getting lots of sunshine wherever you are and enjoy the rest of the week!


  1. Rachel, I really like the idea of putting up shelving and placing the toys on it. Right now, all our kitchen toys are in a basket which makes them dreadfully unappealing. I should really put them out like this. It's so cute and fun, too!

  2. Yeah, i like the idea too putting shelves, and display toys, to be more appreciate..

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  3. I agree! Holly uses all of her condiments and coffee maker much more now that she can see them in plain sight.