Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beautiful Bathrooms

Like Leila, the bathroom is a project that is on my radar (I have a promise for this summer, but I need that in writing still!). Because I gravitate towards several styles, it has been really hard to hone in on the look I want to achieve. While I love clean lines and a more modern aesthetic, I also love the charm that comes from a traditional bathroom! I thought it would be helpful for me to gather some pictures and pick apart the key elements:
White and Wood:
I'm not sure how I feel about this entire bathroom, but I like the way they combined traditional elements (white hex tiles) and an organic-modern element as well.

A Hint of Fresh Colour
Whether it be aqua, green or blue; I always love a clean crisp colour paired with white. A deep soaker tub doesn't hurt, either.
Lots of Storage
This is one aspect of my house that drives me crazy; I would love to build in storage wherever I can

Lots of Light and Elements of Nature
Love the open windows and skylights in this bathroom; would feel so nice to have a bath here on a summer day, don't you think?
A Touch of Glam
A sparkly mirror or chandelier, or feminine and luxurious accessories are a must!
And that about sums it up! I can definitely see a theme forming and will use these photos to pick the finishings ( on a budget, of course). It will be interesting to see how my girly traditional side can merge with the sleek contemporary spa like feel I want to create. Any ideas or suggestions?