Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Colourful Cushions!

My living room was becoming decidedly monochromatic, and whenever I would suggest new furnishings to Rachel, she would sigh because they were inevitably grey, black or white!

I had a fab piece of the green Echino Doves which I wanted to use but I knew that it wasn't bright enough on its own. So we made a trip to our local fabric store (a treasure trove, plus you have to search a bit to find the right thing so it's always very satisfying) and found these cool fabrics. I whipped up some covers out of them and am sooo pleased with the result!

How do you add colour to your rooms?


  1. Found you via Ohdeedoh, it's neat to find a local design blogger! I'm from Aylmer, not to far away... curious where this fabric place is, I'd love to check it out!!!

  2. Hi Toniette! I love your website and photographs!

    The fabric shop is Len's Mills Store on Exeter Rd. It has a huge range of quilting fabrics (and other stuff too) and you do have to sort through bolts of fabric with chickens and wheat sheafs on them, but there are some gems.

  3. Oh I used to go there with my mom when I was kid... haven't been for years! I'll have to rediscover it sometime :D Lovely blog, and lovely home, btw...

  4. Thank you and let us know what you find there!