Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Gift from the Garden

I always like to take a small gift when I go and visit someone and I try to bring something homemade. For some of the year it's some homemade jam and often it is some baked goods. The other day I was visiting two houses and hadn't had time to bake anything. I couldn't think of anything to take!

I take our herb garden for granted. We love having fresh herbs all year. We have an ever spreading patch of Oregano, Chives, and Thyme in the back and the typical case of mint taking over in our front! We also grow some Rosemary, Sage and Thyme in a large pot and bring them inside for the winter. Last year it lasted all winter with the Sage and Thyme dying just as our outside herbs were coming back. Great timing! We also grow Basil outisde every summer and make huge batches of Pesto to freeze.

Sorry for the digression.

What I ended up taking was a small bunch of freshly picked Thyme, Oregano and Mint tied with some Baker's Twine. I felt a little sheepish bringing such a puny token and I felt sure that the recipients probably had herbal abundance, but they were very pleased to receive the little posy (and neither had a herb garden)! Or so they said.

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