Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day Threadz

So I have to admit here that I've never been one for dressing myself or my kids in holiday themed outfits. It's just not the done thing where I'm from. But this year I sent Eleanor off to a playgroup on Valentine's Day and grey. Every other kid was wearing red. Luckily she's not old enough to realize.

Anyway, to save my kid from being a social outcast, here are my Canada Day picks for kiddoes:

Ron Jon
Artisan Shoes

Um, adorable! I love living in a country where the national colour is my favourite!

And for boys:
Converse via Skate Shoes UK
I love little Converse! Eleanor has a pair of black hi-tops and she adores them. I am a flexible sole nazi when it comes to shoes and these definitely pass muster! And what's not to like about Kangol for Kids?

Happy Canada Day!

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