Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My $2 Porch Perch

I've been looking for some porch furniture for quite a while,  but nothing's really piqued my interest. I didn't really want to do modern (unless it was teak, lovely, and probably from DWR) and I hadn't come across a nice, inexpensive vintage set.

That is, until recently. There's a guy on my street who casually deals in Mid-Century Furniture. I'll call him Marty because, well, his name's Marty. I bought my orangey armchair from one of his garage sales. Anyway, I was driving home after a concert the other night and screeched to a halt because he'd put this lovely vintage chair out for pickers (like me). Perfect! The seat needs a bit of work (which will be very difficult!), but for now it's fine. I love the lines of it and it is very, very comfy!

The little table came from a rummage sale for $2 and I think it's just charming. I think it's supposed to have a glass top, but it's fine as is. I especially love the pattern on the tabletop!

What's on your porch?

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