Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rainbow CDs

Rainbow-organized bookshelves are all the rage right now and I just love them! It makes messy books looks so...polished and organized! AND easy to put away!

When there are two musicians in a household there are a lot of CDs (this is about half or less of our collection), LPs, and boxes of ancient tapes around (even minidisks too!). So how does one organize them in a way that is aesthetically pleasing? I should add here that I basically loathe CD towers and most CD shelving units.

Luckily CDs fit pretty perfectly in of of our teak cabinets (the top half of a teak credenza). They looked pretty ordinary until I colour blocked them and now...lovely! Or at least better.

There's also the fringe benefit that it is basically childproof (yay, no throwing CDs!) when I slide the glass door back into place!

How do you display your CDs?

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