Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shoes that might actually fit.

Aurora Shoe Co

I have a curse. I have incredibly wide feet. Wider than anyone's I've ever met. They are also distinctly un-Asian. When I was in Korea for work (that's where I was born) I decided to go shoe shopping. The salesperson laughed at my feet. Hysterically. While saying "No, no, no! No fit feet! Hahahahaha!". Way to make a girl feel really good. For everyone's good fortune, I don't have many pics of my feet apart from this one:

I'm keeping it small to protect you from the horror. What you see here is my mum's foot (on the left), mine in the middle and my brother's furry foot on the right. There's definitely a family resemblance, wouldn't you say? We all have dreadful problems finding wide enough shoes. But here's the rub: I am adopted and share no genes with either of the feet around mine! Nature/nurture? Who knows. All I know is that the only shoes that actually fit me are the wide Birkenstocks and I pretty much max them out. My mum calls them troll shoes.

Apart from when they are in said Birkis, my feet always hurt. Especially in heels or anything remotely dressy. Even wide width shoes aren't wide enough.

But then today I was on 3191 Miles Apart and found a link to Aurora Shoe Company. They hand make shoes which are pretty nice and a good price! I must have some. You send a tracing in which should ensure that they will fit my hobbit/troll feet.

I am particularly liking these ones:

They mould themselves to your foot. How good does that sound? Plus they have this great video:

I can't wait to order!


  1. I have very wide and small feet and it is nearly impossible to find shoes that fit properly, so have alot of shoes that hurt my feet. El naturalistas are fairly wide and stretch, but even then they can be a problem. Some of the Clarks Classics come in D width and that's almost enough if you get a size that's too big...
    I used to wear birkenstocks but got tired of them. In the summer I wear flip flops to free my feet.

  2. Can you believe that all Clarks are too narrow for me?!? I'm ordering the Auroras today and I will post a review when they come.