Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bathroom Reno Update

Well friends, it is day 8 of the bathroom reno (day 5 of work on the bathroom). Surviving OK still, even though the rest of the bathroom looks like this:

Our contractor is kind enough to re-install the toilet in the evening so we can live through this, but I must admit it is tiring not having a home base for the rest of the day! The goal of this reno is to get a clean, cute bathroom ready for potential buyers fast. This is where I have had to make a few compromises (VERY hard for design lovers, as most of you know!).
We found a great, clean lined toilet for a reasonable price, and we are paying the cost to turn it to be able to install some wall storage:
If you can see from the first picture, there is a lot of wasted wall space in that corner because of the position of the toilet. Hopefully some Akrum kitchen cabinets wall mounted from IKEA will be the solution to our linen and bath product storage issues!
The vanity is where I had to make a serious compromise. Because of the fast timeline and budget, we were pressured to find something fast. I know I talked about creating my own vanity with a piece of furniture, but after a long talk with a guy from our local bath centre, I realized how impractical this would be with kids. He showed me the bathroom vanity in the showroom, which was a wood cabinet with a large sink mounted on top of it, stained and lacquered with industrial strength lacquer. After two years of light to normal use, water and soap created white chalky marks all over the cabinet top. 
That was the deciding factor. I swallowed my pride and bought this vanity:

I hope that it works! I may paint it or switch up the hardware, but I think it will blend in with the "clean and bright" look I am going for.
So that is my update for today! Hope you guys had a great weekend and I apologize for talking your ear off!

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