Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bathroom Reno, yet another update!

Day 6 of work; sorry if progress pictures are a little bit boring. The toilet has moved positions, allowing now for some cabinets to be installed:
Don't worry, the lovely ol' toilet with wooden seat will be gone soon. The orange stuff on the floors is a subfloor that protects both from water and sliding (of tile), a precaution taken because of the age of the house.  If any of you were wondering, my decision on the floor tile was made. I was considering a herringbone pattern of the wood grain floor tile (found at the re-store at a super discount). My husband patiently laid out a portion of the bathroom for me to see, and although I love that pattern, I HATED it with this tile! it was way too busy, and the length of the tile purchased did not have the right scale. So I decided to go with a random plank pattern like my friend did in her powderoom (she bought the tile at the same place!)

I'm really liking the looks of it so far. So that is how things are shaping up over here! there shouldn't be more than a week left of construction I think. Any time I get discouraged though, I take comfort in the fact that my shower now looks like this:
Much improvement over the moldy, leaky mess that was! Hope to have some final pictures soon!


  1. we had a mold leaky mess as well. and freakishly, we chose nearly the same tile for our bathroom with the random layout. i'm loving it and it's holding up well considering it's the kids bathroom. can't wait to see where you're going with this.