Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shifting into Fall

Leila's post yesterday was a nice farwell to the long summer days; I can already feel myself gravitating towards cozy fabrics and warm colours. Gone is my longing for bright graphics and beachy colours; I have a newfound love for burnt orange and mustard yellow! I love fall as much as summer, mainly because of these things:
I love pumpkin carving and Halloween; and not only because nine years ago this October 31st I met my husband, or even my brand new reason to love October, who is on his or her way ! I swear I can still remember the anticipation as a child to go trick-or-treating, the smell of pumpkin seeds baking in the oven, and the rush to make that perfect costume...
Apple picking and apple pie; just about the only thing I can think about these days!
Not only do the leaves turn, providing that beautiful fall glow; our minds shift to warmer decor. Yellows, oranges, velvets, knits, softer textures...decor that makes us want to cozy up with loved ones or have warm coffee and conversation. 
Do you make a shift in fall? How do you change your home for the season?

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