Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas Craft Inspiration

Every year at Christmas I love browsing through magazines looking at the beautiful handmade decorations I could possibly make (I should say this urge starts in September when I suddenly feel the need to look through my Mom's past issues of Martha Stewart). Something about the Christmas season inspires creativity, sadly every year I am nowhere near as crafty as I would love to be! This year, I thought I would note some of the crafts I would love to do and resolve to complete 2 or 3. Here are a few inspirations I have found lately, perhaps you can help me decide:
Part of me would love to jump on this painted plastic animal trend; something tells me I could come up with some pretty special little ornaments for Holly's room...

These little houses have been on my "to do" list for a while now!
I would love to follow some of the many felt flower tutorials out there (thanks, pinterest!) and Make some headbands and clips for Holly's hair for the holiday season.
These soft stockings made of upcycled sweaters are so beautiful, and I know a little girl who is in need of one!
These Danish heart ornaments are so simple, complete with instructions for gals like me...
Yeah, I know what you are thinking with this one (really Rachel? you are going to buy some of those glass balls and fill them?). I guarantee this one is for the kids...
What holiday traditions do you have at your house? Are you a crafty holiday person?

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