Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Rainboots, Wellington Boots, Gumboots...whatever! I love them all and funnily enough I haven't owned a pair since I was young enough to get them on the wrong feet (my Mum wrote a big L and R on the corresponding boot!).

Yesterday, like a moron, I wore my Birkenstock Boston clogs out and then it rained pretty hard. I was attempting to tiptoe through deep puddles and suffice it to say that my socks came out the worse for wear! I headed straight to the mall to check out the selection of rain boots.

I didn't want a knee high boot, so these are all mid-calf height.

Here's what I found and my impressions of each:

Here's the Short Black Hunter Boot - definitely the boot du jour, especially if you're a hot university student. They definitely look cool. I tried them on and they were...odd. I found them both tight and loose at the same time and despite their good looks they felt like any old $10 boot from the hardware store. Kinda sloppy but very tight in the ankle (I guess this is what makes them look a bit more elegant).

Next I tried on some Tretorns. Definitely cute, wouldn't you agree? The ones I tried on had fuzzy lining (see next pic) and were supposed to be warmer.

Upon trying them on in my size 10 they looked awful. Really bad. The (seemingly) charming aspect about these boots is their lack of seams and design lines on the boot itself, however when this is translated into a boot big enough for my hoof...ugh. My feet looked like boats. Very bad scene.


I have to admit that I think of these as being Doctor's wife boots. But I had to eat my words because as soon as I put these babies on, I was in heaven! Seriously! It was like putting on a cozy slipper and the shaft is very comfy because of the neoprene. They are also rated to -30 degrees Celsius so I can wear them in the winter. I think they will be great to biking riding to work as they fit snugly and don't slop around (like the Hunters). Obviously I bought them and then wore them home!

Here some more rainboot porn inspiration for you:

Hunter Champery from Zappos

Sperry Topsider from Zappos

Lucky Brand Orland

Mmmm. Makes you want to do some puddle jumping, doesn't it?

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  1. Too funny, I bought Bogs this year too! Amazing fit, even when I had pregnancy water retention. Pretty sure the ones I bought were rated -40 too, because I was comparing them to Sorels! Thinking about them for Holly this year as well :)