Friday, November 18, 2011

Inspiration for Christmas Decorating

It's that time of year again, to lug out the decorations and take inventory of what you have and how you are going to put it on display. I love Christmas, I own about 4 large rubbermaid bins of decorations, but sometimes my style changes from year to year or I get in a rut and end up displaying them the same old way every year! This year, I'm turning to sources like Pinterest to inspire me to use what I have in new and creative ways;
I love the Scandinavian farmhouse look, however I would have to seriously repress my urge to sparkle glitter everywhere. (Can I just say the bottom picture really reminds me of a certain blogger friend's setup? so weird).
I also have a *slight* obsession with reindeer, it is neat to see the different ways they can be displayed...
A silvery white theme is always pretty in the bathroom...
Then there is the debate between natural elements and a colorful modern scheme; I must admit I love both looks equally!
As you can see I'm a little conflicted. Can you mix all these styles at once? Can I create different looks in different areas of the house? What is your holiday style?