Thursday, November 3, 2011

Olivia Inspired Clothes

Ubiquitous Squash on Deviant Art

Don't you love Olivia Pig? I do and so does Eleanor. If you aren't familiar with her, you need to go and buy the book!

Anyway, she is totally adorable and I just love her clothes. When we were in Minneapolis last week (what a great city! Loved it!), Eleanor and I did some shopping and I had a pig agenda. Here's a sampling of what we bought and some other cool items you can get to dress your little piglet!


Olivia the Pig

Fate Goddess at Etsy
Teeny Bunny at Etsy

We picked up some black and white and some red and white stripey leggings from Gap (no pic on the website though). Now she just needs some ears!

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