Monday, December 12, 2011

A Hint of Citrus

Am I the last one to see the Pantone colour of the year? I was pretty excited to see this post on Apartment Therapy; that this year's colour is tangerine! Almost as exciting as last year's honeysuckle, I could definitely use some of this colour in my home:
As an unexpected element on an old door perhaps?
On a cozy pouf?
A pop of colour in an all white room would be amazing!
I am a big fan of these coffee makers, perhaps I will choose the orange one to be on trend!
This little print would be adorable in Holly's room!
The nice thing about this year's colour is that it works incredibly well with last year's; pink and orange is one of my favourite combinations. Probably a good thing for all of you who jumped on the pink train last year, isn't it?

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