Monday, January 9, 2012

A New Lid for a New Year!

Dog Funk

I hope you all had a restful and wonderful Holiday and New Year! We certainly did.

One of my self-presents was this new bike helmet, the Bern Muse, which I have been coveting for quite some time. You see with my current, more sportif helmet I have two problems. Firstly, the back of it protrudes backwards (presumably for aerodynamics - something which is quite funny to me as I am the world's slowest cyclist) and it bangs against my viola when I have it on my back. And secondly, I need to wear a toque/beanie/winter hat under it to keep warm, causing it to slip a bit.

When I saw this helmet I fell in love - it has a built in beanie and it looks a bit cooler than the usual sort. I'm certainly not usually a pink kinda girl, but for some reason this particular magenta colour spoke to me. Maybe I'm trying to elicit the Mary-Poppins effect. Who knows.

I'm also very excited to be getting some Nokian studded tires for my bike which will hopefully keep me upright on my quest for winter bike commuting!

And to finish, here is my New Year Resolution:

To Resolve Project via LGRAB

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