Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cool Backpacks

Chrome Soyuz (image from wired)

I'm on the prowl for a bag. I want to use it both on and off my bike. It's gotta be waterproof, comfy, big, but not too big. I want it to fit a laptop, lunch, maybe gym clothes, and look cool. A lot to ask?

I first fell for the Chrome Soyuz (pictured at the top). Hot, isn't it? I'm a real sucker for black and red, plus I'm digging the rolltop design.

I also dig these bags. My friend Matt has one and it's totally waterproof. I love the simplicity. Just one big compartment. Nice.

Mission Workshop

Then I saw this. The Mission Workshop Rambler. It's so perfect. Good looks, plenty of space, innovative design. Awesome. Plus they have cool videos. Check these out:

Plus here's one of its big bro:

I wanna be a hipster too. Actually not. But I do want a great pack. Any other suggestions?