Friday, April 13, 2012

Small Bathroom Inspiration

A friend of ours is taking on the task of renovating a small basement bathroom and she has asked for our advice! Although the space is small, she is lucky enough to incorporate a shower, sink and toilet and hopes to have storage as well to accommodate her extra linens and bath things. Although it is tempting to start picking tiles, vanities, etc. (I admit because of the time/price constraint of my bathroom reno this is what I did) it is always a good idea to sit back and gather inspiration as a guideline for the look you are trying to achieve, which makes piecing together the elements easier. To help her out, here are a few small, but beautiful bathrooms...

I hope that whatever she chooses is white, bright and pretty (you can't go wrong with subway tiles, hex tiles, penny tiles, pedestal sinks, etc.). The last picture seems a little dark for a basement bath but was just to demonstrate how a small space can accommodate a stylish shower. What do you think? any ideas/inspiration you would like to add to the pile?