Monday, April 23, 2012

To Dos

Spring is here, and we've become aware of our neglected exterior. There is lots to do in the backyard, but I plan to make a few simple changes to the front which will have pretty big impact (I think). Here is my list:
  • Remove "frilly bit" from awning and paint (yes paint!) it matte black. 
  • Paint the shutters and door deep gray
  • Replace numbers with those ones Leila and I found at Re-store last year
  • Replace "country kitsch" mailbox (what, you thought that was my style?)
  • Plant some low maintenance flowers (I'm no gardener)  
I've already decided to go with this mailbox from Morba :
 And I think I may go with Farrow and Ball downpipe:

It looks a lot darker off of the computer, I swear. What do you think? Any more suggestions? I've got to get working!