Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fence Progress!

If you were wondering why I've been obsessing over backyard spaces lately, it's because over the winter months my backyard has looked like this:

Err...kind of embarrassing. You see, when we moved in, there was a fence up. Then, the church tore it down. And told us they did not have to rebuild legally, only if they wanted to for moral reasons. *Ahem*. Whatever, we won't get into that. I'm sure whatever they built would not be as fabulous as my soon-to-be-fabulous fence!

Woohoo! Of course, don't mind the pool o'crap, and the swing set. Henry agreed to let it go in place of a sleek motorcycle tire swing spray painted a la Novograts. Anyone else seen that episode? There is still some trimming to do on the top, strapping on the back (and a few more panels to be built). I have yet to decide whether I want to trim each individual panel down the seam or leave it flat and exposed. Also, to stain or not to stain? What's your opinion?

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