Friday, May 4, 2012

That question: Mac vs PC

It's been asked again and again. And so I'll ask too. Do I make the switch to Mac??

It had never been on my mind until I bought an iphone. Now I love that thing much more than I thought I ever would and it's kinda made me fall in love with the type of interface that Apple uses. It's just so...convenient.

I'm going to get a new laptop over the summer and now I'm wondering if I should go to the dark side. FWIW, I'm looking at a 13" Macbook Pro and I really don't know much about computers.

Here are the Mac pros as I see it:

  • I love the look (sorry, so superficial! But this is a design blog)
  • Easy to use
  • Thin
  • Fast to wake up
  • No Windows 7 bugs (my bloody wireless doesn't wake up with the computer!)
  • People I will be working with use Mac
  • More expensive (though this isn't too much of an issue as this will be purchased for me - I can get whatever I want)
  • I already have a lot of PC programs and am nervous about doing the dual boot thing
  • Have heard that it might not work well on my home (windows 7) network for printing
  • Learning curve
  • Have to buy at least a new copy of Office
So, dear readers...what do I do?


  1. You get a mac!!!
    Seriously. I had the same internal debate before I got my macbook pro and have honestly never ever regretted my decision. More than that, I can honestly say I will never ever ever go back to PC.

    Macs aaaare sooo pretty. I feel instantly creative when I open my macbook. It is also sooo easy to use. There is something unexplainable about the layout and system which makes it sooo easy to use. And the keyboard shortcuts and trackpad thingos are also so wonderful to have. And yes, it's so much faster. Everytime ive used a PC since I get so frustrated having to wait around for it to wake up.

    Yes it is more expensive, however, it's a one off thing. I had to think about it before because I felt like I couldnt justify the money, however, now that I've bought it, not only is it totally worth it, I've also forgotten about the money. I've never had a problem with printing or wifi, in fact, I've had less problems than my mum has with her PCs. And the learning curve is actually so quick, especially if you watch some of the videos on the apple website like I did. And again with the Office, you buy it once and then that's it.

    Also, another pro. There's nothing as fabulous as the apple store and their experts. If I ever have a problem I just go into one of the stores and their fabulous staff completely fix everything straightaway for free and without the annoying phone call to companies and call centres and all that that makes it soo hard to get PCs fixed.

    Hope that made sense and it wasn't too overwhelming. If you need any more advice or have any questions, feel free to email me (samanthajoyburton{at}gmail{dot}com). But seriously. I will never go back to PC!!!

    1. Wow. Thank you do much for this detailed comment. I think you've convinced me!

  2. I switched to a Mac about 6 years ago, and am on my third one -- yeah, that planned obsolescence thing, plus no downtime to wait for repairs. I'd never, ever go back to a PC. Easier to use, the Genius Bar at the Apple Stores rock, and not as many worries about viruses.