Monday, June 4, 2012

The Boring Part of Home Improvement

Not much going on around here this weekend except for this:

So much fun. Ha! When we moved the fence, we were left with a path that went nowhere. After pricing out paving stones (did you know that they are more expensive per square foot than hardwood?!), we decided to dig out that nowhere path and use the rocks to create a new path/lower patio area near the new gate that would be wide enough to accommodate the BBQ and a walking area. On the other side of the deck, there will be a paved (brick, I think) area which will be another lounge area (although for now it will host the little hideous playhouse and sandbox which I do not have the heart to get rid of yet- they will be moved before sale). And while I have not convinced my husband to paint all the siding, we do need to paint the cement board that surrounds where the new windows were placed in the kitchen. I picked this grey, which works with that gross red-ish colour of the siding. Hope it draws the eye in and distracts...
It's called Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams. Well, better go take advantage of the sunshine! Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend...


  1. Good luck on your patio! I can't wait to see the finished product. I feel your pain when it comes to these DIY repairs. One time, our home got seriously damaged by water and I just had to hire a water Michigan damage expert to have it fixed.

  2. Nice work..I think this work is very hard for non-professional.all the best..

  3. Look to you city instead of the fed for help. Most cities have a rejuvenation or renovating project that you can get money from for renovations, upgrades, etc...

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