Tuesday, July 24, 2012

House Tour: Will's House

Don't you love house tours on blogs? I know I do. I surf and drool. So here I am, posting my first ever "real" house tour! I met Will while I was studying Architecture. He's always been amazing, and his pics of his house reno don't disappoint!

His little house that he shares with his partner, Myles, is in Sydney's inner-city area of Lilyfield. Here's what he says about their reno:

The house is a 1930's worker's cottage with a simple weatherboard extension at the back. When we moved in we gave the garden an overhaul (it was literally just paving with 2 concrete slabs under it) and ripped out and rebuilt the bathroom. The back was opened up to the north and we extended the rear deck. We really wanted to just look at layers of green in the backyard (whilst screening the building behind us) and borrow the view of gum trees in the park beyond the property.

Thank you, Will and Myles for sharing your beautiful house with us!