Thursday, July 26, 2012

Roasted Tomatoes

When tomatoes are at their cheapest and most delicious, I love to roast them. It's such a versatile way of preparing them. Once they are done you can do so much with them! Here are some ways I have used them:

  • Eaten right off the baking tray! Addictive!
  • As bruschetta - toast some ciabatta slices, rub them with garlic, plonk a basil leaf and a tomato on top!
  • Made into delish roasted tomato sauce for pasta
  • Freeze them for roasted tomato soup during the winter
So next time you see them at the farmer's market, get as many as you can carry. Then halve them (or slice them thickly if they are big and fat) and put them on a baking dish which you've oiled with some olive oil. chop up a whole lotta garlic and sprinkly them generously. Lots of salt and pepper. Another drizzle of oil and into a 350 F oven until they are starting to caramelize beautifully around the edges. Don't let them or the garlic burn! Finely slice some basil leaves over and devour.

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