Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spot The Stuva

Once and a while it is funny to check the stats to see how people end up on this blog. One of the top Google searches is for IKEA Stuva (bizarre, I know), hence one of the more popular posts is the Stuva review I posted a while back when I was purchasing it for Henry's toys. It is easy to see why this modular system is popular, its simple design can be used in modern interiors with white doors for adult spaces or colourful doors for children's rooms. Here are a few of my favourite uses of Stuva lately in interior photos:

I still love ours in Henry's room, if you are wondering. They are durable and wipe-able for little hands too! My only regret is not putting more wall mounted units instead of taking up floor space with the bench, however, those are the toys the kids use the most because of the accessibility.