Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Holly's Big Girl Room

I adore kids rooms. Like nowhere else in the house can you experiment with different design styles, use bold colours and a sense of humor and whimsy. Our last house was a rented two bedroom, so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that our first house would allow me to design a room just for my youngest. I want to make this room feel special albeit the lack of closet, slanted ceiling and a small 7 by 10 blueprint; make it girly without being frou frou, and give her enough floor area to play with her toys. It all clicked when I saw this picture in the spring issue of Ivy and Piper:Not only is the colour combination one of my favorites, but the room manages to squeeze in a ton of storage in what looks to be a small room.With this picture in mind I have been sourcing out fabrics in this colour combination of pink, teal and white, like this beauty from Amy Butler (found here):

Or something whimsical, from here:
What do you think? So many fabrics to choose from in this palate, so suggestions are welcome. It is already a work in progress but I am excited to show you all. DIY projects are already underway so stay tuned, as I will be working within a *very* limited budget!