Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Powder Room Inspiration

I have a very tiny powder room in my foyer that I want to reno this summer. It will be my first major home DIY project. There are quite a few challenges in the room, namely exposed plumbing including the stack vent/stinkpipe.

I'm really inspired by black bathrooms like this (The Marion Housebook):

Though I would prefer a more contemporary edge. I love the way the white trim interacts with the black walls. I like this one from digsdigs too

After our huge success in painting our living space dark grey, we are pumped about bold neutrals! We'd keep the fixtures white and the fittings sleek.

I think I'd like to go luxe and have marble floor tiles. It's a small space so it's a very affordable splurge. I'm torn though...do I go for a basketweave like this (suite7 creative):

or this (travertine x)?

or this (Ceramic Tileworks)?

I think large tiles would make the room seem even smaller. Which tile would be the best?

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