Friday, March 11, 2011

Eames Rocker Reproduction Review

I had been coveting an Eames Rocker (RAR) for quite some time but just couldn't justify the $500 ($479 plus shipping) price tag from DWR. Many of the reproductions were barely any cheaper and didn't seem worth it.

And then I came across Wire Home Furnishing in Vancouver. A repro RAR for $149CAD?!? Count me in!

Then came the guilt about buying a rip off. I have to admit that I soul searched for quite a long time before taking the plunge. What eventually swayed me is that the current Herman Miller Eames Shell chairs are quite different from the originals anyway (polypropylene vs. fibreglass), so it's just a licensing of the name, really. Ideally, I'd like to get some real vintage chairs, but they will have to wait.

The chair arrived in two pieces and I had to screw the base on using a supplied hex key. This was the only time where the chair's more humble origins were evident. The screw holes weren't perfectly even looking between the four holes and the brackets on the base were slightly wonky looking up close. This didn't affect function, though. The quality of the rest of the chair - the shell, base and runners are excellent.

Overall, I am delighted with it. And so is my 2 year old.


  1. I've been looking for one of these as well, do you find that the seat is quite low? A few others have mentioned that the proportions seem childlike...thoughts?

  2. I would definitely agree that it is low, though I've found that of the real deal too. It's very comfy once you get used to it and my husband who is 6'2 is mainly the one who sits in it. For the price, I would go for it.

  3. Love it! Got one from Wire Home and the quality was very good

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