Thursday, March 10, 2011

Modern beds for children

Decorating Holly's room has me exploring twin bed options; this has been a challenge as I am not a fan of toddler beds (why the extra expense?) and a lot of children's furniture (especially for girls) can be too traditional or sweet for my taste. I want something that will grow with her and preferably can be used in another part of the house if she tires of it.
I thought I would share some of my findings and perhaps you can help me narrow it down. I have categorized them into expensive, reasonable and cheap (Holly's bed will most likely hail from the last category):

My dream bed; fresh clean lines but just a hint of princess, from here

Same source, the sparrow trundle bed has the option for sleepovers!

Pretty colours and soft sides, perfect for kids. From here.
Of course there are some mid range options;

West Elm carries both this beautiful daybed and the canopy bed below (which I would change the colour to match Holly's scheme:
While both of these beds are a quarter to a half of the price of the previous options, my limit is around 300 for a frame, this is where Ikea and Jysk come in:
The malm bed from Ikea has clean lines but I would need to jazz it up a bit.

Bonus points to the odda bed, also from Ikea for having storage! Ikea's last option, the tromsnes, is the prettiest in my opinion. Those pointy sides would make me nervous with my wild children though. The price points on these three beds are just right (under 200!).
This last option from Jysk has the option of using the bottom drawer for storage or a trundle. Although ugly (knotty pine?!) there is always the option of painting and adding fabric for a custom look.
Although I would love the first three options, the last four seem to have potential for style in a modern kid's space at a budget that is way more realistic. What are your favorite children's furniture resources?


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