Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moustache Party Invitations!

  Moustache/ it what you will. Emmett's first birthday party is coming up and it's a moustache party! This theme has been around for a while now, but it's just too too cute to pass up. The invitations went out this morning!

I made these cute seals using clear mailing labels and my printer. On regular envelopes the clear labels totally disappear. On these nice kraft ones...not so much.

 ...and here's the inside! I got the mini brown paper bags at Michael's and then made a stamp (see below for more info)

 And this is what's inside it!

 To make the stamp:
I bought a HUGE eraser from the dollar store (nicely spotted Rachel!) then drew my moustache on it. I then used a really terrible snap off blade craft knife to cut around the outline and then carefully cut away the edges, leaving my mo' standing out loud and proud. Using an X-Acto knife or scalpel (or lino cutting tool) would have been easier, but the cutting part only took me about 3 mins anyway.

I then trimmed away the excess rubber and stamped away!


  1. This is the best idea--I love the envelopes. :)

  2. really cute... love the theme for a 1st birthday party, very stylish....

  3. i need mustache bash invitations for my husband's 40th. would you consider making these for me? thanks, Carina,