Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A pop of red...

Sometimes when there are big renovations to do the little details fall by the wayside. Since moving in, our house has required so much cleaning, painting, demolition, tiling and so on that my walls have remained bare and other than styling a few bookshelves I have not delved into decorating my place (believe me I wanted to!). This weekend, I decided to add a little more colour to my son's room. Henry has his own sense of style and owns an array of toys and collectibles that are not always aesthetically pleasing to a decor addict!  Enter these 6.99 Ikea bookshelves I picked up this week:

I have learned over time that going with the grain so to speak is the best way to decorate with children, and the palate for Henry's room seemed to flow organically from the colours of the toys he favors.I like the kitschy style that has developed by allowing his toys to be on display;

Who knows, Maybe these little guys are just growing on me...

How was your weekend? Get any projects done?

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