Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shared Kids' Bedroom Inspiration

We've decided that we will have our 2 kids share a bedroom for a while so that they can have a downstairs playroom right off the main living space. This will mean a bit of shuffling but the fringe benefits will be that the office will be more secluded and I will gain a space for my computer (i.e. not the dining room table).

After some extensive web surfing, we've made some preliminary decisions.

Although we love the look of the totally pulled together bedroom with matching minimalist (and designer) furniture, it's just not within our budget or slothful natures. We've decided that we love the look of white painted rooms with a riot of colours from fabrics and colourful toys. My philosophy on kids' rooms is that they should be able to change as the kids grow and almost nothing should be off limits to little fingers.

Although it's a bit more muted than we would do, we love the pops of yellow here (OhDeeDoh)

 This one is also from OhDeeDoh. Although I actually don't find anything particularly inspiring about the room, I do like the way you can see how the colour interacts with the plain white walls and hardwood floor.

Oooh, I just LOVE the curtains here (again, OhDeeDoh)! I also really like the pale wall colour. Perhaps I should rethink my white walls! Again, I love the bright colours of the books.

I love the way these two identical beds are given individual personality with the throw rugs, while still remaining similar (lilmagoolie). I made Eleanor a modern quilt before she was born and Emmett's is in the planning stages. Perhaps this would be a good incentive to make his and put them both to use!

Do your kids share a room? Is it sucessful?


  1. I started searching for some ideas for a re-do of our daughter's room back in the fall and wouldn't you know...I have the 1st, 3rd, and 4th pictures all saved as well :) I think my favorite part of the 1st one is the grouping of cicrles over the chair, made out of cross stitch hoops! So smart!

  2. I love that wall map at kids-eye level--such beautiful rooms. :)

  3. Kids will surely love this kind of design and even parents like me will loved this one.