Friday, April 22, 2011

Moustache Party Goody Bags

I really wanted to create some special goody bags after seeing how much Eleanor loved the ones at Holly's party. I also really hate junky stuff so I decided to go a bit minimalist but have just one main toy in there (but a good one).

I bought some tiny lunch sacks and made a little stamp which I stamped near the top, folded the top over and punched a hole and tied it up with some baker's twine.

The contents of the bag were:
  • Fun sized Smarties
  • about 4 Silly Bands
  • 1 or 2 Mustache crayons 
  • a Matchbox car with mustache detailing
  • I decided not to include the cute mo buttons because they were a perfect choking hazard

Here's a close up of the detailing on this particular car. I just used a paint pen and freehanded it. Each car was different so I had to customize the placement. One the lighter coloured ones I just used a Sharpie.

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