Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why I used IKEA for my kitchen

For as long as I can remember I knew that if I ever needed to replace a kitchen in a home I would use IKEA. Not only for the decent price, but for style. IKEA offers enough choice to satisfy every design taste from modern:

To farmhouse or traditional:
Both kitchens above, designed by Canadian designer Sarah Richardson, demonstrate another plus to IKEA kitchens; they are customizable! Both kitchens above are sprayed to suit the design of the home; the bottom kitchen even used IKEA cabinetry to create an island with bead board detailing. Designers love to do this; the cost of the cabinetry allows for this customization.
Below; another example of a painted IKEA kitchen by designer Carol Reed, who also goes into detail about the process of painting IKEA cabinetry in her blog, CREED.
But enough of what designers can do with IKEA; if you want inspiration from "real" homes, just browse Apartment Therapy or IKEA LIVE:
So after living with IKEA cabinets for 7 months, are they worth putting in my home, you ask? Absolutely. 
My top reasons for choosing an IKEA kitchen were as follows: number one, price. I came out of the store spending a similar amount on cabinets, countertop and sink as what I paid for my couch. Two, I was impressed with the fact that they come with great hardware; the cost of Euro hinges and "quiet" closing cabinets are way higher in other places. Three, speed. We did not have to wait for months for custom cabinetry, and they could be assembled as soon as we got home. Other top reasons include ease of assembly and installation, style and they are extremely easy to keep clean!
Things I would have done differently; calling IKEA's kitchen department to see if everything was in stock; there were several trips involved in this one. Go early in the morning and in the middle of the week as well if you can; this is your kitchen, you don't want to be rushed through a line of angry people.
Other than those two things, I believe I will use IKEA in my next kitchen renovation, except I will choose cabinetry without the Thermofoil finish so I can customize the colour. I have had my kitchen for only 7 months though, so I would check back with me in another year if you have the chance! So far, I do not foresee any problems and am enjoying my kitchen everyday!

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  1. Ok, so it's been almost two years now. Still happy with the quality? (I'm really tempted to use the Ikea kitchen stuff but worried about quality. Hubby and kids are hard on moving parts!!)