Friday, April 1, 2011

The thrill of thrifting

Or garbage sailing, as my husband calls it. As much as I hated the term in the beginning I can only laugh now as it makes me picture myself with a pirate hat and eye patch searching for booty in a sea of garbage (sorry, I am such a geek). My love of thrifting started when I was 19 and an obsession with old costume jewelry; since living on my own it developed into a love of old furniture (mainly chairs), and kitschy nic nacs  (I once perused through a box on a front lawn labeled "Nick Nats"). As the season approaches, I would love to share with you guys some my smaller finds from last year (none of them valuable, but every one special to me):

These little guys just spoke to me, I'm pretty sure they are even teak. For 25 cents, they are one of the cutest purchases ever made.

I love old objects with that muted yellow, one of my favorite colours.

Stuff like this adds that retro touch to a newer kitchen. Olive green? Yes, please! One dollar? Yes, yes, yes.

I keep finding these in different locations, even though I have no idea what they are. Any clues? I like the shape.

I love old glassware, the colours in these just spoke to me.

I took this clock home with me for 5 dollars one day, part of me loves it, the other part "What was she thinking?"
I made a few bigger purchases, some still needing a little TLC or paint. Vintage patio chairs, side tables (soon to be posted), old beat up children's director's chairs...thrifting is a great way to change your style without breaking the bank, sometimes when you tire of something you can even sell it off for more than you paid! Are you guys into the hunt? What are your favorite finds?


  1. If your wondering about the three cast iron things, someone told me once that they are string keepers. You put your ball of string in and it can't roll away:)

  2. I love that! I looked it up and found similar ones on Etsy. Thanks Amy!

  3. They would also be perfect for holding your ball of yarn while knitting.

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