Friday, May 13, 2011

An instant update

Well, not exactly. Truth be told I lived with my living room ceiling like this for the past few months:

Mind the popcorn ceiling....just not on the list to fix in this house! Does drive me crazy though! I couldn't stand the look of the fan that was there previously, it cast a orangy light in the room and was not my style. Kijiji to the rescue again! I sold it for $75, hoping to get a new tolerable light fixture for around the same price. However, cheap and picky are not two traits that go together. I had just about given up and was ready to fork out $150 for one I liked when I saw this at Homesense:

A light fixture for $50 bucks! The next morning, my living room looked like this...

Patience paid off! And that's the story of how I technically made $25 changing my light fixture...

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