Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Toddler-friendly flower crafts

Spring has finally sprung! We've been spending a lot of time in our backyard lately, and it's been great to re-introduce the outdoors to our kids.

However our backyard looks like this: a meadow. Very picturesque, but quite soon the flowers will die and it won't look so pretty. BUT until then we have a pretty much endless supply of Forget-Me-Nots, Dandelions, and Violets. The cute little posy above was Eleanor's very first effort at pick a bunch of flowers.

Anyway, we spent a good hour doing some fun little flower things in the backyard. You probably did them as a kid, but it's a great reminder to, well, stop and smell the flowers!

Here are some cute dandelion bangles. First you take as long a Dandelion as you can find:

Then you break the flower off (!) and discard it and push the small end into the large one. Simple but cute.

So simple, a 2.5 year old can do it by herself!

Then we made a flower wand by tying a big bunch of Dandelions close to the head using another Dandelion:

And finally we made some Violet and Dandelion necklaces.

All you do is make a slit through the stem and thread the next one through it (ad infinitum) To complete the necklace, make a larger slit and thread the first flower head though it.

You can see that with teh Dandelions I just tied a knot in the end of each one.
Happy Spring!

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