Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The long weekend is coming up, and I am so excited because my family rarely gets two consecutive days together, let alone three! Since we have nothing to do, my husband actually suggested we get around to doing what I have wanted to do for a while- play the "tourist" in Toronto. Since it is less than two hours away I have been to Toronto lots; however I am looking forward to seeing it from a new perspective: renting a hotel, taking the kids to the zoo or the science centre, eating out at new restaurants. But no design-a-holic would be satisfied unless there was a chance to check out all the great resources for design that Toronto has to offer. These are a few "must visit" destinations on my list:

Many of my favorite bloggers lucky enough to reside in Toronto have scored some fabulous antiques on a Sunday at St. Lawrence Market, I am hoping to do the same!
Another popular resource it seems, although I would love for any locals to give me the scoop on the shadier, cheaper junk shops in town (hint, hint?)

You might find me crying in the corner of this store because everything will be too expensive, but I love to torture myself. 

Most! Manufacturers Outlet store via Style North blog. By the way, for those of you wanting to find the inside scoop on tons of design shops, she has visited them all! I will also be visiting this one thanks to her:
Yes, I know both of these stores carry knock-offs, but sometimes not everyone can afford genuine vintage all the time! I think that a healthy mix is a good thing sometimes.
And of course, thanks to Leila I couldn't leave Toronto without passing by Mjolk! Perhaps I can leave with one of those cute tea towels. 
Any Torontonians want to add to the list (including great places to eat and hang out with kids?). Looking forward to a great staycation!

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