Monday, June 27, 2011

Camping in Style

Along with some other families, Rachel and I are going camping this weekend. We're pretty bare bones campers and don't have a lot of extras but I've spent a bit of time lusting after certain things. Here's my pick of camp heaven:

Peacock Hand Warmers
I was given one of these as a child but never used it. I suppose my parents thought using lighter fuel might be a bit dangerous or something...
But it has a lovely smooth quality to it and now I wish I still had it!
Tim Blair
 The classic Atomic Coffee maker is the perfect thing to take camping. Seems as though they were very popular in Australia, judging by my sightings there and by the location of them on Ebay. I'd love one, but they're pretty collectible nowadays.

Kelly's Camping

It might look like a compost bin, but actually it's a Billy - a classic piece of Aussie camping kit. It's used exclusively for boiling water for tea and coffee. To make tea in it, you boil the water, then put loose tea leaves in it and then perform a very scary but impressive feat - swinging the billy. This is where you swing the billy full of boiling water around and around (as though you were bowling but all the way around) without actually burning yourself. There are several videos of this on youtube, but they are way to cheesy to post here!

Glam Camping
Cute sleeping bags. No explanation needed!

Do you, like us, forgo style in favour of practicality when you camp or do you match your camping gear to your uber-stylish home life?


  1. While I don't exactly dress like a hippie in my non-camping life, I full on embrace hippie dresses while camping...glams it up a bit and I can still play, hike, etc. in them. And even though our house is a cozy blend of MCM and Ikea (whose isn't right?), our camping vehicle is a vintage VW pop top camper, so it works! Love the sleeping bags you picked!!

  2. Ooooh, a pop top VW! Do you sleep in it?

    I've been informed by the other campers that they will be wearing a full face of makeup, so I daren't be too daggy!

  3. Of course we sleep in it! It's divine, and sleeps 4 semi-comfortably. Better with 3 or 2 though.

    Braids and big sunglasses with a hint of gloss perhaps? A full face of makeup is so tiring, much less when camping. ;)

  4. Yes, I'm definitely NOT going to be rocking the full face of makeup! I think I'll be rocking the sunscreen and insect repellant, LOL!