Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thrifting: Spraypaint Edition

Hello friends! I need your help; my shed is full of stuff like this, and my husband says it may end up at the curb if I do not decide what to do with it!

This funny contraption was found in the garbage one night by my parents (I must have inherited it from somewhere, right?). It must have come from a variety store to hold candy, but I was thinking it could make a cute toy shelf or a place for books. It has that cool industrial vibe I love for Henry's room...What do you think: bright red? pop-y yellow? orange? chalkboard perhaps?
 Next is this lovely little table; I got two of these (one is smaller but the same) for $5. My husband insists they are the ugliest things he has ever seen, but they stole my heart from the moment I saw them! This bigger one has the perfect spot beside my couch and the smaller in front of it. After priming the large one, I almost feel glossy white may be a cool option, and pink or yellow for the little one? Still trying to gain some colour in that living room...

Finally, these mid century outdoor chairs. I absolutely love these. Can not for the life of me decide on a colour though.
What do you guys think? I would love to get a little bit crazy with them and I love colour at the moment. Send me your suggestions!