Friday, June 10, 2011

Cottage Country

One of my big aspirations in life is to own a cottage one day; nothing too elaborate, but a relaxing space where kids can run around barefoot and mundane daily routines are forgotten. Until then; these pictures are filed away as inspiration:
When I saw this cottage in this issue of House and Home, I was smitten. It has everything a cottage should: Light, white interiors, vintage charm, and an eclectic mix of pieces. I love that it has a midcentury flavour without appearing too mod. 
I love the use of outdoor fabrics and furniture inside, this place beckons for you to relax after a swim in the lake...
I love the open shelving and painted floors in this kitchen, as well as the exposed beams. Something about this kitchen reminds me of my own at home, I think it is the window over the sink...
I can't even imagine having a luxurious bathroom like this in my own home, yet a cottage! Still, a girl can dream...

Finally, nautical touches, no matter how cliche, belong in a summer home! I would love a cottage with whimsical rooms for the kids, an outside fort, nooks and crannies to hide in and tell ghost stories...shared rooms and bunk beds are a must!
How about you? Do you own or rent a fabulous summer space?