Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Father's Day Poufs


My husband has long legs. Really, really, really long legs. He likes to put them up and if I want any part of the couch he is forced to improvise. Exercise balls (great for the core, not so good for relaxing), dining room chairs, piles of throw rugs...none of them do the job that a decent ottoman, footstool or pouf would do.

Now the real issue at hand here is that I loathe most ottomans, especially the large ones that people use as an ersatz coffee table. I know that they are practical, especially with kids, but to me they are about as stylish as an 80s recliner.

So he has asked for some sort of pouf-like objet for Father's Day. How can I disappoint. Here are some realistic options:

West Elm

I could make one like this using high-ish density foam and a cool fabric. These particular ones form West Elm are sold out.


Because the Flocks poufs at the top of this post are too spendy for me, I could try my hand at making a "Puff Daddy" pouf. Pickles has a free pattern here.

Marrakesh Trading House on Etsy
The ubiquitous Morroccan pouf. I love it.

Several of these stacked on top of each other would look ok, but I don't think he'd quite go for it!

Design Sponge
And finally this awesome DIY on Design Sponge using a cast off electrical cable spool. I'd love to do this if I have the guts! Full instructions are here.

How have you solved your weary-footed dilemma? Have your forgone style in favour on comfort or have you splurged on an Eames Lounge and Ottoman?

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