Monday, June 6, 2011

Found Treasure

Sometimes the coolest things can come from the strangest places. This is why I love thrifting; to create meaning out of something that costs pennies is so satisfying! Cleaning out the basement of the bike shop I came across a vintage crate: I am by no means the first person to use these for storage but it is a look I have been always fond of so I scooped it up!

I love that is says Flip-a-top soda shop instead of Coca-cola or Pepsi. What makes this one so special is that it was found in our bike shop which was at one time an old drug store; also that it is clearly from a Canadian company which no longer exists:

If you look really close you can read Thunder Bay Ontario! Of course, this crate immediately found a home in the playroom for craft supplies (it has that rustic industrial look I love for kids)...
Perfect, don't you think? What are your favorite found objects in your home?

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