Friday, June 17, 2011

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Clare Design
Now that summer seems to be here, we are spending a lot more time outside in our back garden and on the deck. But as our house is old, the threshold between outside and inside is clearly delineated.

In my former life as an Architecture student in Australia, I really fell in love with buildings that totally blur the border between outside and in. I may get flamed for this, but I think that the Aussies are pretty much the world experts at it. And it totally makes sense as much of Australia has a climate that is conducive to outside living through much of the year (at least compared to North America!).

So I thought I would share the work of some of my favourite Aussie Architects and their outdoor-indoor spaces.


The Kerry and Lindsay Clare's Thrupp and Summer House at the top of the post and directly above is a great example of this style of living.  Large sliding doors and louvered windows (try doing this in Canada!!) bring the outside in. Clare Design is one of my favourite firms.

1001 Buildings You Must See Before You Die
The Marika-Alderton House by Glenn Murcutt takes things to the extreme! It's located in a very hot, tropical part of Australia where there are yearly floods during the monsoon. The entire floor is able to be flooded. There are no glass windows at all and the shutters/awnings can be adjusted.

Tzannes Assosciates

Marsh Cashman Koolloos
  I love the idea of having walls just disappear when you need them to.

And finally...wouldn't you just die if this was your view?